Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The sword of Damoclese

So - the camera was found! I had apparently put it into the pink striped bag that my wife uses to carry stuff to her Bible study group!


OK - so here we go again. This goes back to just before the children went back to school. For those of you who don't know - my kids attend Peterhouse Girls - a boarding school about two hours drive from La Rochelle. There they spend about three months at a time.

The Saturday before they went back to school, we hosted a dinner at the hotel where various children were given swimming awards. These are my three ready to party....

So on Monday we took the girls back to school - here they are about to enter the hallowed portals....

However - the smiles belied a dreadful truth.

I had spent a week making sure that each of the girls had everything they needed to survive the rigours of a month at school before we next saw them. Clothes, stationery, blankets, sports equipment, school shoes, toiletries and the like were all sourced and packed. It was only when we reached school that we realised....... Courtney (my youngest) had left her history and IT books at home on the dining room table where she had been studying!

With the 'sword of Damoclese' hanging over her head in the form of detention, there was only one solution for it - to send Thomas off to Peterhouse with the forgotten papers! He woke up at 01.30am on Tuesday morning, walked to the Harare road which took him well over an hour, and then he caught a bus to Marondera. At the school gates he 'dropped' (Zim-speak for 'alighted') from the bus, and walked down the school road, arriving at the school reception at exactly 07.30am as instructed. Courtney collected the envelope precisely 12 minutes before her class.

Plenty of time.

Thomas then caught a bus home - not this one, but one like it....

And here - returned from his travels, is Thomas - looking much relaxed after his journeys! He made it back by 13.30pm - just in time for the two o'clock shift!

Slightly bedraggled after his journeys, but quite ready to spend an afternoon at work watching the roses grow.

Nice to be back - have a great day!

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