Sunday, May 19, 2013

The day of the shredded pup.

Today is not for the squeamish!

As regular readers of the blog will know, I have 2 white-eyed dachsunds as my pets - their names being Caramel and Honey. Distinctive as a species by their 'horror-film' glowing eyes, they are an integral and important part of my family..

What regular readers may not know is that their sisters also live on the property - one of whom is called 'Dooby'

A couple of days ago, Dooby went a-hunting, and came back severely shredded. So much so that she needed 15 stitches to put her back together again.

15 stitches in a small dog is quite a lot.

 We do not know what attacked her - thought the current suspects are monkey (probably not), Serval cat (again probably not as there aren't any rips from sharp, retractable claws), Genet (possibly as they are on the property) or long-tailed mongoose (my own suspect - because I know they live in the Dell - down by the aloes, have sharp little teeth, and are more than prepared to fight if cornered).

Whatever it was, I am guessing that she found and attacked something, and the thing retaliated with a vengeance. Here you can make out her shaved and stitched lip

Dooby also had a couple of stitches in her ear - visible despite the grainy pic. (Sorry)

Her side received particular attention, and needed several stitches to hold everything together....

The worst damage, though, was to her butt - and the overlying skin was ripped away right down to the muscle - such that there was actually nothing that could be sewn.

Hugely tender, and moving very slowly, I am pleased to report that Dooby seems to be on the road to recovery.

But anyone wanna bet whether she will go 'hunting' again in a hurry, or not?

Have a great day!

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