Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just birds, nothing else.

Time today for another look at our South African trip - this time the birds of Montecasino.

On one of the days that we had spare, we visited the Bird Gardens at a shopping complex called Montecasino - in one of the suburbs of Johannesburg. We had been there twice before - and had seen the 'flying display' which they put on, but on this occasion we arrived too late. Still, the colours of the birds are amazing - and the facility gave us the chance to see them close up.

If you are not interested in feathered birds, then today is not for you! And not much for me to say today except............'birds'!

and more birds

and more birds...

and more bird

This last is of a fairly drab little fellow who met us on our walk. He was on the pathway, and my daughter stopped to greet him - whereupon he started eating her false fingernails!

Soooooo - if you happen to visit the Bird Gardens at Montecasino and find a dead bird on the pathway - now you know what happened!

Have a great day!

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