Saturday, May 11, 2013

So, now, here's the thang....

Regular readers of this blog will have wondered why the sudden silence..........and so here's the thang:

I've 'lost' my camera.

Quite how this has happened I have no idea, and I am still clinging to the diminishing hope that it will return - but the outlook is not good, as I have scoured all the likely spots and come up blank.

I last took it to Peterhouse to drop the girls off (and had a wonderful blog planned involving my youngest daughter Courtney, her history homework which was left on the dining room table, and Thomas the waiter who woke up at 01.30am to walk 9km to the Harare road to catch a bus - managing to get it to her just in time to avoid the dreaded 'detention') and I know it came home with us. But from there - nada.

Quite aside from the fun it has provided, it also has some serious sentimental value, and so I continue to hope it returns.

Failing that - I am not in any position to buy another one at this time, and so I guess I will temporarily have to suspend service. Because the blog without pics will just not be the same.

But - I'll be back.

I just don't know when!

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