Monday, June 17, 2013


So - winter is upon us poor Africans, and we have a dreadful 6 weeks to get through before summer returns. Kind of.

Being Zimbabwe, we don't get snow (though we will get frost later on in winter) - and I have actually never seen snow in all my life. But is does get cold - and here is some proof....

Unfortunately the fist pic did not come out so well - but across the valley during winter, the smoke from the cooking fires simply gets too cold too quickly to rise, and it 'flows' down the valley in a steady stream on the wind - looking almost like water

This is a photo of the trees down by the caravan park - and the steam that rises from the ground as the sun breaks through..

This is a photo of the cottage next to my house - as the first rays of the sun hit the thatch roof it looks as though it is on fire.....

However - it is not the outside temperatures that cause us so much trouble - it is the temperatures inside that are the lowest. You see - because for 46 weeks of the year we are warm or hot, the houses here are designed to be cooler inside than out - which makes them freezing in winter.

In case you do not believe that it is really cold inside the buildings - just look at what happened to a glass of water that we left on the bar counter by mistake last night....
It really is cold!
Have a great day!


  1. I know how you feel cuz, it was so chilly here that I had to put a T Shirt on when I went kayaking last weekend. I find that when glasses go icy like that, it's best to thaw them out using ethyl alcohol. That Gordon's in the background should do the trick. :-)

  2. Hahaha Charles, just the thing to warm up the cold evening!