Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More vehicle signs!

As promised yesterday, I have for you today three photos of Zimbabwean vehicles with obscure messages on the back.

This is a peculiarly African penchant, and most public transport vehicles will have something written on the back of them, even if the meaning takes a while to fathom - if ever!

This first pic of of a fellow who is planning on owning an articulated 18-wheeler one day. But you gotta get your foot on the first rung, don't you?

Next to raise our eyebrows was the fellow who had developed an affinity for macaroni cheese, spaghetti, rigatoni, lasagne, and fettuccini. Though why he wanted to tell us all - I have no idea!

Not too - the elaborate 'back-door-closing' system with which the bulk of out mini-busses are equipped. I am surprised that Toyota and Nissan have not brought this out as a standard new vehicle arrangement in all vehicles shipped to Africa....

Still, if you like Pasta an awful lot - well then - tell the world!

Then there was the rather swish BMW that passed us before getting blocked by a large truck ahead of us. He had a personalised number plate - which most folk here have as their name or something similar, and in this instance the message was spot on - because the driver was very small and very black...........

Note too - quadruple exhausts!!!


Have a great day!


  1. Hi Simon. Can I lend you a pair of glasses?? Sure it says One Love RASTA not Pasta.

  2. Hi Mike - yes I know, but don't you think that the bloke liking 'pasta' is funnier? After all - it is almost all true!

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