Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's hunting season again!

So the group of invertebrate-munching Americans has left - well, almost all of them. Here they are on the morning of their departure. We were sad to see them go, as there had been lots of laughs and fun. Worms aside.

A fine group of people and we wish them safe journeys home!

The departure of the group, of course, meant that we could start killing stuff again (we generally don't kill things when we have foreign folk staying here - it upsets them).

Here, then, my pack of hunting dogs - focussed on their quarry...

So what were the dogs hunting? Killer instincts aroused?  Look carefully....there are actually two of their prey in the picture

However - not all the Americans left, and we were rather astonished when Julie, who remained behind with her husband Dana, requested a "very sturdy, large knife with a sharp point on it". At first we though she wanted to peel an orange or something, but she stalked slowly to the bottom of the garden with the knife concealed in her sleeve like a true commando, and then  sat motionless on the grass watching her prey:

So just what was Julie stalking so patiently? Well, we really have to zoom in on the photo above - and thanks to modern technology I can reveal.....

Fortunately our monkeys are a lot sneakier than the chipmunks she normally hunts and kills back home in America, and I can report that the little fellow escaped to live another day!

And you have a great day too!

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