Monday, June 3, 2013

A couple of epic African 'fails'!

So another road trip, and more fantastic vehicle sign-writing - but that will come tomorrow. Because today - I have the story of a couple of 'fails' for you.

The first is a simple thing - the case of the 'fail' mobile phone tower in Nyazura. And I have absolutely no idea why it is failing - I only know that every time I pass it - the angle of the dangle gets a little bigger each time.......

In fact, it is so bad that in order for the folk of Nyazura to get any decent signal at all, they have to hold their heads at a funny angle when talking on their mobile phones!

Then there was the 'fail' marketing programme run by a local Fast Food chain. I will not mention names, but they sell their 'Family' portions in 'buckets', and the recipe for their chicken was first thought of by a military man whose name started with "S" and ended with "aunders".

Because I may get sued - I cannot name the franchise - but here is a small clue......

Apparently this fast food chain (whose name I will NOT mention) decided to have a promotion in which they promised a 10% discount off every 'family bucket' of chicken that they sold - providing the customers brought their own 'buckets'. This was quite a clever promotion, because many families (humans being what they are) went and bought two buckets of chicken, where only one was really needed, so that they would then get a 20% discount.

HOWEVER - the folk from Magormandaiza village - just off the main highway, worked out that if you bought buckets big enough to buy 10 'family' portions of chicken - the whole village would eat for free!

And then they further worked out that if you bought more than ten buckets' worth - the Fast Food guys would actually have to pay YOU money!!!!!!

A little more time with a calculator - and it became apparent that if you went and ordered 1,267 family buckets of chicken - they would owe you so much money that you would effectively own the franchise! How simple is that? The problem then became - 'where to find a bucket big enough to hold 1,267 family portions of chicken'? Not possible - did you say?

Where there is a will, in Africa, there is always a way......

However, this proved to be a big 'fail' because............when they got there the food chain only had 3 'family' portions left - and once the fellows returned to the village, they realised that it had cost three hundred and forty two times more to buy the bucket than they saved on the chicken!

Have a great day!

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