Friday, June 7, 2013

Stealing candy from a baby....... or two

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So - today's blog.......

Those of you who have been to La Rochelle will know that we have a small school on the property.

During the past 3 weeks or so, there has been a quietly swelling murmur of outrage because the four Grade 1 children have been coming home and telling their parents that someone stole the food which had been given to them for break. (Our kids are given juice and food at home, and they bring it to school to eat over break-time). Over and above this - they were returning home without their 'lunchboxes' - to the point that one disgruntled mother phoned the teacher to say that she was now completely cleaned out of Tupperware!

At first we thought that the kids were simply losing their packed food, but it has become apparent that there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Here is a photo of our busy and happy Grade 1 & 2 classroom (our school is very small) and the smiling faces hide the weeping and wailing that has gone on when they discover that someone has been eating their porridge!

This is a photo of the outside of that very same classroom - and on the wall you can see painted the outlines of the 17 children who started the school several years ago - correct in detail and height! Beyond them are hanging the school bags of the children - the Grade 1 children hang their bags to the right of the door as you can see, and it is from these bags that the chocolates, sandwiches and fruit have been disappearing......

Our prime suspect at this stage is 'Mad Theresa' whom regular readers will recall from the Blog titled "Who's been sleeping in MY bed??!?" which I published last month. She has been seen lurking in the area, but we have to catch her to prove it is indeed her (and hopefully get back some of the stolen containers into the bargain!).

Here, then, is a view of the car park of the school with the shadow of the roof visible on the ground.

Can you spot the cunning solution we have put in place?

My solution is actually very simple - but you may need to look a little closer to see what we decided to do. Here is a slightly tighter view of the same picture (cropped from the back-left of the pic above).........

I'll let you know how we get on with this one!

Have a great day!

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