Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures from my past....

Following yesterday's posting of a couple of dubious pics - I have had a mail asking how much of my book "Sorry for that!" is really true?


While some of the blogs have a slight tweak every now and again - everything contained in the book is indeed true. And the only way to prove it to you is to show you some photographs from my murky past. These pictures all validate the first chapter of the book, and are preceded by a quote from the book....

"I was born in Mutare, on the Eastern border of Zimbabwe...."

I think most of you will agree that the following pic of me could only have been taken in colonial Africa....

"Eagle was a boarding school, and the year we were six-turning-seven, we started boarding - spending three months at a time at the school....."

This school photo was taken in 1976 - and a prize to the first person who correctly identifies me..

The prize goes to me....... - second-highest row - third from the left! (As an aside, the only lady smiling in the photo is my mother!)

"Further down there was a 'rock slide', and as we did not want to wear holes in our shorts, 'skinny-sliding' was the answer. I can only guess that the assumption was that holes worn in our posteriors would be self-mending! The rocks had been worn smooth by the flow of the water with an occasional polishing by naked bottoms, and they were covered with a slippery green slime that ensured a speedy ride to a freezing pool below. At the top of the slide was a waterfall......"

"........ we used to swim in a small swimming pool that had been created by building a small wall across one of the mountain streams......"

So there you are - the truth may be fudged a little in the Blog - but not in the book!

Have a great day!


  1. Damn. I put you down as 2nd row, third from left (floral print dress.)

    1. No Charles - that is your Aunty Elizabeth.