Monday, June 24, 2013

Eat dem worms!

So no posts for a couple of days - apologies, but one thing and another........

One of the reasons that I have been busy is the fact that we have had a small group of Americans staying. And you may remember from my post of the 14th - that I always try and serve these groups a small helping of Mopane worms. So here is a group of First World folk eating Third World food. And..........loving it?

Here we have plated them - because we were serving them to some Americans, we only gave them one or two worms each. And we served them with creamed potato and a tomato & onion concasse.

Of coursed there was much jollity and merriment on the arrival of the worms at the table. Until, of course, they realised they would now have to eat one!

This is Shannon - whose razor-sharp intellect (she is the only person who has, to date, spoiled my 'previous lives' story by guessing that a loud bark was imminent!) meant that she evaluated her chances of keeping a Mopane worm down without assistance, and immediately enlisted the assistance of a small glass of wine to help the unfortunate invertebrate down!

This is Julie - who has stayed with us many times before and whose picture you may have seen hanging on the wall at La Rochelle. She copied Shannon's 'swallow and gulp' trick - but still the thought of a worm sliding down her throat was enough to get her grimacing!

Julie's husband Dana stated that he actually really enjoyed the worms, but one went down sideways. Look of pure delight on his face says it all! In his own little bubble of ecstasy I would say?

Hides his emotions well, doesn't he?

Have a great day!

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