Monday, November 26, 2012

A night of hard clubbing!

We have had some wonderful, wonderful rain over the past day or so - and there has been much that has happened as a result - trees falling over, and a plague of flying ants. However, all that will be touched upon in another blog because..............

Last night the Robbers came a-calling!

It is getting towards Christmas now, and the number of burglaries seems to increase at this time of year. I have a Security Guard at the hotel called Takawira, and he came to my house just after midnight - covered in mud and blood. Apparently he had been on the hotel verandah and had seen and confronted a fellow walking about in the shadows. It turned into a fight, with lots of kicking and punching, with Takawira wielding the stout stick (a thing of beauty - made of hardwood, it was obviously extracted from a chair or ornate table, with a carved head and nicely varnished) that he usually carries for such eventualities.

It turned out that there were five of them, and he managed to land a few lusty blows before they ran away. Before he got the better of them, however, they punched him in the face - this being the source of all the blood, and they all apparently rolled around in a flower bed at some stage or other. Once he was cleaned up, it turned out that, apart from a thick lip and two small nicks - on his cheek and above his eyebrow - there wasn't too much damage. Apart from to his pride. We stuck a fairly large plaster over the cut that was bleeding the most, and by morning he had stopped leaking and was well on the road to recovery.

He seems to think he inflicted some fairly substantial damage upon two of the Ali Babas - and the chances of them returning for seconds are apparently fairly small

Unfortunately he threw his stick at them as they fled, and one of them picked it up, and ran off with it - this being in his opinion the most unsettling part of the incident. I gave him a golf club (7-iron - steel shaft and perimeter-weighted blade) and he seems very happy with his new weapon.

However, when I cam to work this morning he was still very grumpy. Below are three pictures of........ happiness? Not!

 It would be a very silly robber who decided to try and visit us again any time in the next couple of months, I think!!!!


  1. You're going to miss your 7 iron big time when we play our match at leopard rock next time i'm out there. Big mistake :-)

  2. Maiwe shamwari, better to give him a shotgun!!