Sunday, November 25, 2012

inside-outside, you decide

Today we had a revelation. I decided that the time had come to take off the cushion covers from the cushions used on the chairs on the lawn so that we could wash them. However, once we had taken them off, we realised just how faded the material had become in our Zimbabwean sun. All the covers were given to Preacher, and she is going to unpick every stitch and sew them back together again - inside out. We'll see what happens, but below is a picture of David the waiter holding the same cover - one as is, and the other inside out. Guess which of the two is slighly sun-faded?

The other thing to note is just how dry the grass is! Today we had....rain! Great big fat blood-warm drops, and though it only lasted about half an hour, the smell of it was heavenly. Hopefully this is the start and we will have a few decent soakings over the next week to get everything perked up a little.

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