Thursday, November 22, 2012

Q When is a balloon not a balloon? A When it is a hat!

Amazing how it happens!

Yesterday I was talking about how dry it has been this year, and we woke this morning to thick mist - so thick that it wet the ground - almost like a light rain. The other thing it did was bring out the finest fashion statement seen in Zimbabwe for a while!

We have had a guest staying in Virginia Cottage for the last 5 nights, and this morning they gave a couple of the children living here balloons - the long thin ones that can be tied up into dogs and other shapes. They also gave a balloon to Joseph - the very same Joseph who so carefully weeded the concrete in the carpark the other day. He used the balloon to keep a plastic bag on his head so that he wouldnt get wet. And no Paris haute couture has ever been worn with more pride!

I have no other comment to make on his adaptation of the balloon - other than.........golly!

               Sometimes words are simply inadequate?

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