Saturday, November 3, 2012

Watch out!

My father passed away earlier this year, and when I went to England to sort out his affairs, I brought home his wrist watch. I had never used it because the strap was too large for me, and so on Friday I took it to Mutare to have it adjusted. There is an old jewellers shop at the end of Main Street, and when I took it in, the woman assured me they could adjust the strap, and the cost would be $5. I thought this a little steep, but as I was in a hurry I agreed, providing they could do it immediately. As I was waiting, I noticed a sign behind the counter which advertised "Strap edjusting" at $1.

Hmmmm - diddled again.

I was about to point this out when a very large Shona gentleman came in and asked for the strap on his watch to be adjusted. The woman glanced sheepishly at me standing next to him, and told him it would be $5 - at which he exploded, calling her a rip-off, and a thief. He made her confirm the price several times, and as I was standing at his elbow, she had no option but to repeat the fact that she would charge him $5. The crosser he got, the louder he got, and I just smiled sweetly at her and leaned on the counter. Cursing her and her ancestors, the large gentleman stormed out of the shop, waving his watch, and declaring her a fraud. I said not a word, having had an enjoyable 5 minutes of entertainment at her expense!

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