Sunday, November 11, 2012

All went swimmingly

Another fine day in Africa! Today the whole family was involved in the Manicaland Provincial Gala (Swim Meet) - Della ran the computer, I did the Announcing, Cara did the Marshalling and Dayna and Courtney did the swimming. Thankfully!

Both Girls won the shield for their respective Age Groups, and a fine day was had by all. However, the highlight was the final 50m race of the day in which 4 fathers also joined in. I had intended to take part, but as there were no more lanes left, I decided to use the microphone, amplifier and speakers to abuse those honourable parents who did in fact swim. Plus it gave them a chance to win! I shall, however, have to be on the look-out for the various fathers in the next few weeks until the comments directed at them have faded from memory :-

Andre (my Pastor) was informed that I had seen better legs hanging out of a nest before
Brett was annouced as wearing a gray swimming cap (when he had no cap at all)
The whole pool was advised that Robbie was pregnant, and he was asked to stop swimming if he went into labour!
Brendan escaped censure because he held his Birthday at the Hotel yesterday. Good man!

Wonderful day!

We had over 70 Junior Swimmers taking part, and I think it is a credit to those folk who have seen to it that swimming does not die in Manicaland, as have so many other sports.  Thanks.

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