Friday, November 9, 2012

Mucky Mary

What a fantastic day! Our little Penhonga school (Pop 32) competed in the 'Hillcrest Invitational Gala' today, and we acquitted ourselves very well. Unfortunately they never announce the Team Results, but I don't think we won - I would expect that honour went to Murray MacDougall School from Triangle. But we weren't far off. This does, however, bring me to my promise to highlight Zimbabwean improvements to the written or spoken word.......

Zimglish - Murray MacDougall School is frequently called simply 'Murray Mac'. The Announcer at the Gala today continuously advised us of results for competitors from 'Mary Muck'!

Courtney swum very well, winning all four of her events, and setting new records in each. Very good. However........because she swum 'up' last year - two of the records she broke were her own!


Our other 2 daughters are also home, and once again we had a contender for the annual 'foot-in-the-mouth' award. Dayna was very excited about some obscure Korean who has posted a music video on YouTube - in the process becoming an overnight sensation. She began to play the music on her cellphone, when my wife Della announced that she was aware of the song, and had heard it before.

Dayna was astounded! I think she had only recently heard the song and the furore it had caused, and she was astonished that her Mom was so 'with it' and 'hip'. The fact that her Mom knew the song impressed her mightily. She tried to tell Della this, but she also tried to be really cool about it, and so she announced with full conviction.......

" are such a Hippo Mom"

I could almost see the Christmas presents flying out of the window!

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