Friday, November 30, 2012

Seekin' Jerry!

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Today was a fairly mundane day at La Rochelle - and in fact would have been downright dull if it hadn't been for the discovery of a mouse living in one of the cottages. I was checking the rooms to make sure they had been cleaned properly and had my two sausage dogs in tow. When we got to Virginia Cottage, they showed keen interest in the settee - sniffing underneath it and whining. I lifted the front of it......and out shot a tiny little mouse - no bigger than my baby finger from tip to tail. He was so fast that I only caught a glimpse of him - but that was enough for the dogs.

Game on!

With Preacher, the maid, and myself lifting the furniture as required, the dogs had a field day chasing the mouse all over the cottage. We upturned chairs, tv cabinets and dressing tables - only catching sight of our quarry fleetingly as it scurried from one hiding place to another. The dogs went ballistic - tails wagging furiously and they were so excited they were almost incoherent. They very nearly managed to catch it a couple of times - but failed. However, the net result was positive for everyone in that:-

The dogs had a lot of exercise, it was really entertaining for me, the mouse survived, and Preacher was introduced to sections of the carpet that she didn't even know existed - and she has promised to clean them properly from here onwards!

In fact - it was SO much fun that I may go and buy of box of mice and set one free each day and see if the dogs can find which room it is in!


Tonight we are hosting a dinner for 50-odd folk, so need to get on.

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