Thursday, November 29, 2012

make like a snake

Interviewed another 2 kids for our little school today - and they both start next year in classes where we are short of children. Good thing!

Back to the recent rains - most amazing things was that one heavy downpour was enought to uproot 5 trees in the garden. I think the root systems have become so stressed from lack of rainfall this year that they simply can't hold the trees up once the leaves get heavy with water. The first pic is of a tree across the pathway to Small Rondawel - simply closed it

The showers also brought out they "flying ants" - down at the school this afternoon there were at least two thousand over the soccer field. Missed that with the camera - but the ones that managed to get into my bathroom a couple of nights ago were caught on film. The amazing thing is that - once they lose their wings, they travel in a continuous line - one after the other, so that when they are on the move and are pretty much defenceless, they look like a moving snake. Not only that - but as they move, they 'undulate'. Here are a couple forming up!


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