Thursday, November 1, 2012

Had a bit of a "museum" day today, cleaning out one of the large carports where we normally store spare beds, mineral crates and things that we can't find another home for. Lots of historical relics from my past, and stuff I can honestly say I have never ever seen before! It was like Christmas all over again!

Main entertainment fo the day was Preacher standing on a beer crate to remove items from a high shelf, and placing her hand on a coil of metal tubing normally used to house electrical cables leading to a stove. Obviously she thought it was a snake, and immediately instituted emergency evacuation procedures, inclusive of calls to her mother and all ancestors to come to her assistance - made all the funnier by the fact the she was starting from a height of 2 feet off the ground.

At school I learned there is a thing called inertia - but the transition from immobile to full speed was so instantaneous that I am now doubting everything Mr Shaw taught me all those years ago

And so life continues!

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