Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sick or swim!

An incident from yesterday which bears repeating! Della (my wife) and her friend Tanya were coaching several kids at "Learn-to-Swim" yesterday. They had 9 children to teach, and have reached the point that the kids can make roughly 10m without touching the floor. They are coached in a mini-pool - until they are competent enough to graduate to the larger pool next door, and there is a great deal of determined effort, splashing and puffing that accompnies every session.

It was a fairly standard swimming lesson - right up until the point that Kudzi kotched in the pool!

No-one saw it happen, but suddenly there were small floating islands of 'pink stuff' in the pool. There was an instant evacuation, with everyone staring in horror at the gently undulating remains of lunch - all except Kudzi who was examining the sky in minute detail! Della managed to fish most of it out with a scoop, and the lesson continued as before - with the exception of Tanya who flatly refused to get into the water again!

Another fine day in Africa!

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