Friday, November 2, 2012

Zim wins...

Yesterday Della was shopping in Mutare, and picked up 10 packets of "Usavi Mix" powdered spices which we give to our Staff to add to their Lunch. They come in boxes of 10, and there were two boxes, one holding 5 packets, and another holding 8 packets. She took 10 loose packets and placed them in her basket. When she got to the cashier she was told "Madam - if you buy a box it is cheaper".

She went back to the shelf, picked up the empty box, and placed the ten packets carefully back into it, before handing it to the Cashier. She got the discount! But she waited until we got home to explain why she had gone back to the shelf to collect the empty box as she didn't want me spluttering in the shop!

Zim - ya gotta love life here!

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