Sunday, November 18, 2012

pillars of potatoes

Had a somewhat bland day today - spiced with a fascinating 'Zimglish' contribution from the maids.

We have a couple of self-catering cottages at La Rochelle, and I asked them to do a check on the kitchen equipment in each cottage; periodically stuff  'walks', and needs replacing. They gave me the lists this morning, and apparently in Peacock Cottage we are the proud owners of.....a potatoe pillar!

An obvious improvement on Lots wife, it would seem?

Talking of the Cottages - they tend to get booked an awful lot by men who leave their 'wives' in the car when they check-in. But we are "the no-tell hotel" - so normally what folk do in the cottages is none of our business. Unless, of course, the cottages are used for nefarious purposes!

About a year ago, there was much excitement in the Penhalonga area, because some of the Russians who have been brought to Zimbabwe to mine gold had rented out the Tshingwe Hall, and were charging the local folk a fee to come and watch a porno movie. In a country where we have absolutely no pornography for sale at all, this caused quite a stir, and for a week or so before they were shut down by the Police, business was brisk indeed. This despite the fact that the quality of the filming was not the very best, having been obtained with a hand-held video camera.

Apparently the film involved one of the local 'ladies', and at least a couple of Russian gentlemen, doing strange things to each other. I only speculate because I didn't ever see the offending entertainment. However - what was of concern to us was the fact that the filming had been conducted in Peacock Cottage - the very same one with the potatoe pillar in it!

Hmmmmm - not good!

Below is a pic of the "no-tell hotel" for those folk following this blog who have never been here

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