Saturday, December 1, 2012

The sting is in the tale.

No - that wasn't a typo!

Last night we hosted a Dinner for our Church - we had been expecting 50 folk, but only 37 managed to make it for one reason or another. However - the end result was that we put up the very first of our Christmas decorations! In November. Eish.

I have seen that all of our supermarkets have already decorated themselves - and that started in mid-November. I disapprove. I think we should get stuff up with 10 days to go, so I will have everything down by tomorrow morning. (We have another Dinner tonight - for about 16 folk). Actually we have a conference checking in on Monday morning and they will be here for the whole of next week, so not entirely down to me being Scrooge or a Grinch!

Excitement of the day today - a scorpion. He was sitting on a towel in Peacock Cottage - and the lady caught a glimpse of him as she was about to dry herself. They flicked him into the bath and then called for me to come and remove it this morning (guests have been living in England for the last 20 years or so - obviously out of touch with the wildlife here!). I put it onto a piece of paper to photograph, and it then scuttled underneath the handle of my plastic coffee cup - just in the right place to sting a baby finger when the cup is picked up.

I tried to get Preacher to lift the cup - but she was unfortunately too suspicious, and spotted the sneaky devil hiding there. I have put it into a matchbox and will try again in a few days time.

Dinner - from last night.
Chicken & Corn Soup with Garlic Bread or Bacon Vol au Vents on the side
Baked Ham with sherry & mustard Glaze, or Herbed Chicken with Hollandaise
Straweberry & Passionfruit Cheesecake, or Belgian Chocolate Icecream
Have a nice day one and all!

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