Friday, December 28, 2012

An aeroplane up your tail pipe?

Today was a special day - a rite of passage day, for our family.

My eldest daughter Cara obtained her Provisional Driving Licence! In Zim, you are allowed to start driving at 16 - and you have to pass a written test first, then you may drive while accompanied by a licenced driver until such time as you pass the 'road test'.

This was Cara's first attempt at her 'Provs' and she managed to get more than the 88% required for a pass - despite the inevitable 'tricky' questions. Maybe I'm biased, but I think they deliberately try and put in questions which will mean that it is impossible to get 100% on the test. We obtained a booklet with 365 questions that may be asked in the test - and my favourite of them is this - you try and answer and I will provide the correct choice after the celebratory photo below.......

Q You look in your mirror and see an aeroplane. You should.

a) Do nothing
b) Adjust your mirror
c) Move off the road as quickly as possible
d) Reduce speed

Answer to follow - but here is one very happy little chicken!

Now then - the answer to the Driving Test question about the aeroplane. (And remember I have a booklet with the Official answers!)

The correct answer is.......

b) Adjust you mirror!

Yeah, right! So, you're driving along, and a Boeing 747 makes an emergency landing on the road behind you - and all you do is adjust your mirror? No wonder the kids in this country all behave like Chuck Norris and Rambo, combined, when faced with problems!

We're teaching them the wrong stuff!!!!??! I just a wussy?


  1. Well duh Simon!! If you see a plane in your rear view mirror then it's clearly focussed on the sky thru the sun roof instead of on the road behind you. Of course you've got to adjust it! It's not rocket science now, sheesh ;-)

    1. My, my, my! How removed from African reality my sister has become!!!

      Thinking (as the Question-setter obviously did) that the aeroplane in question was actually flying high makes 3 assumptions which are patently incorrect. Viz:

      1) We don't have sun-roofs here because we would all fry
      2) The Driver of said vehicle has ignored the instructions to check and set mirrors before starting the engine as per instructions in the Zim Highway Code
      3) Most alarmingly we DON'T HAVE AEROPLANES IN OUR SKIES! Unlike UK. The only time we ever see aircraft in the sky is low-flying Mig Fighters that buzz the towns at election time. Obviously

      So........... the only way a plane could possibly appear in your mirror is belting down the highway behind you!

      But Sue, here's the test - did you get the answer right?


  2. Stop the vehicle & immediately check if you’re in the correct lane lest you’re driving along a runway kkk😂!??