Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lashings of ladies!

Fairly standard day at La Rochelle - with Granny blowing the fuses on the lights to all the Cottages.

In all fairness she was simply trying to boil an egg - and I have no idea how she did that, but she tripped the lot! Like a good South African she assumed that it was a Zim power-cut, and waited patiently for me to turn the generator on. After 20 minutes of sitting in pitch darkness she sallied forth and found the hotel ablaze with lights!

Other than that we have a Conference in-house - not the blood-testing ones this time - though they are concentrating on HIV - this time the focus is on preventing transmission within the medical facilities, and the different grading of infection levels in expecting and delivering mothers.

I am somehow becoming quite clued up on this AIDS business!

Now then - retrospective pics tonight - because I finally managed to glean a few clear ones of the Book Club dinner held just over a week ago, as previously promised.

The Girls all had those dreadful oversized eyelashes (bit of a tradition with this crowd at Christmas) and a lot of fun was had by all! This Book Club was started by Biddy Hone - and those of you who attended her funeral will remember the picture on the programme - taken at last year's Christmas gathering.

This is Lindsay - who took over the running of the Book Club. Anyone think the lashes are real?

I have some fairly good blackmail pictures (and indeed 1 rather startling sound recording for the same purpose) if anyone is interested. Going for $10 per copy. And Girls.........$20 per copy for me not to send them out!

This is the whole coven in all their glory - arrayed in the La Rochelle Reception!

Interestingly only two were caught chatting and ignoring the camera - not bad. Not bad. But predictable.

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