Thursday, December 6, 2012

make-up wars!

Last night was my youngest daughter Courtney's end of year play. They staged a Roald Dahl version of "Jack and the beanstalk". Courtney was the giant, and a fine and fierce Giant she made indeed!

Even if the beard was a little prickly!

The Moms, plus my eldest daughter Cara, all came in and helped with the make-up, and then - in that lull between painting faces and the start of the play........someone suggested that they all 'do' each others make-up as well!

I would suggest that this is a fairly quick way to find out who is your true friend and who is not! Let them do your make-up for you!

In the background is the scenery for the play - with the beanstalk (plus lights) heading up into the clouds.

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