Monday, December 3, 2012

Auctioning the Chinese

Today was a bit of a busy day - with a conference for 25 arriving - they will be with us for the next 4 nights. Then in the evening we also hosted a dinner for 15 Ladies.

They all belong to a Book Club - with the paucity of Bookshops in Zim, groups of ladies get together and they each buy books, and then once a month they get together to swap them.

I shall post pics of the dinner tomorrow because it is still going on as I type - and the chances of someone covering themselves in glory is still fairly high!

This being the Christmas meeting of the Book Club, they each brought a present - and had a "Chinese Auction". All the presentsare pout on the table, then names are drawn out of a hat and the person drawn opens a present. If they like it - they keep it, and if not - they 'steal' the present belonging to someone else. Each gift can only be stolen 3 three times and then becomes "dead" and reamins with whoever stole it last.

Lots of fun!

Menu was Seafood Crepe, then Butternut Soup, then choice of glazed ham or Herbed Fillet with Garlic, then Xmas pud, Icecream or Granadilla Cheesecake. They ate well!

The conference are here to train in HIV testing methods. More on that as we progress.

Pice below is the conference lay-up....

And the Dinner table........

Busy day!

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  1. Mmmmmmm, granadilla cheesecake. Please make that for me next time i come and see you!! PLEEEEAAASE....