Sunday, December 16, 2012

An udder panto pic..

I have just received some more photos from the Pantomime put on by our little school - and there is one which deserves a little publicity.

The panto was Jack and the Beanstalk - and the central figures of giant, Jack and mother were all played well by the various children. However I think one of the outstanding perfomances was given by...........the cow - the poor old cow which was swapped for magic beans! Not only was her costume - in particular the udder, fantastic, but in addition the kid trapped inside gave a perfect performance! Here - in all her glory, is Emily......

Hopefully someone will keep that pic for framing and presenting at her 21st Birthday. What a great memory!
We woke the other morning to mist - not uncommon in the Imbeza Valley - and often we will have the early mist, while the nearby town of Mutare has been bone dry. I took a picture - and only later realised that I had managed to catch the top of the roof on the hotel tower, plus the weather vane. Takes a bit of spotting because the mist was fairly thick - this photo was taken from my house, and as those of you who have been here know - a stone thrown from my verandah would hit the hotel. Fairly thick indeed!

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