Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now's the season to be purple......

Another Saturday..........another wedding.

This is our last wedding of 2012 (hooray!) - from here we welcome a group of Russians into the hotel for Old Year's Night and the first two nights of 2013 - they have booked the whole property for an exclusive party, so any guesses as to whether we expect to serve a few tots of vodka or not? They are then followed by a group of 13 Americans coming in for two weeks, so hopefully we will avoid a Cold War in the Imbeza Valley.......

Today's wedding - going on as I write, was definitely for 500-plus people, and they brought in 50 cases of beer, in addition to the juices and cokes. Gonna be a looooong evening, I fear!

Today we hosted a purple wedding - this seems to be the 'in vogue' colour at the moment

The Groom and his merry band were caught in wholly natural poses as they waited for the bride to arrive...

This is the ceremony site down by the river - waiting for the arrival of the blushing bride (due today at 10.00am 'on-the-dot'. She made her smiling way down the aisle at 12.30 - a mere two and half hours fashionably late!).  This is where most of our couples get married, and we had to fill up the ponds with water from the borehole as, despite the recent rains, our stream is still not running again.

and here is the marquee all laid up and waiting :-

Yet another busy day for the fellow from Imbeza - and despite our disappointment at the Mayans for getting it all so wrong (we had collected all our loot in advance - just in case) it has been great to be humming at the end of the year.

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