Sunday, December 2, 2012

Honey........who's the guy in red?

So - Sunday at La Rochelle, and everything was mooooving kind'a slooow.

Until the Weddings came in!

Obviously the gardens at La Rochelle provide a nice backdrop for Wedding photos - and folk will come from town - a journey of around 20 minutes, just to have their wedding photographs done.

A Zim wedding is a thing of true beauty - and an inordinate amount of time, planning and preparation goes into even the smallest details. The Bride always has the most amazing dress - huge confections of white satin, fake pearls and mosquito netting, while every single person in the Bridal party is dressed in the wedding colours. Generally the Groom is also in white, and invariably there will be a mini-bride - dressed in bridal gown, and everyone is turned out as smart as a pin. Every single bridesmaid, flower girl, usher, best man, and ring-bearer will then be in the Bridal colours.

Today we had a 'purple' wedding and a 'maroon' wedding come for photos at the same time - which led to a rather strange set of Bridal photos!

The funny thing was that a fellow from the maroon brigade knew someone from the purple lot, and went over to chat. When the photographer called everyone to gather for a formal photo.....he joined in as well!! See if you can spot the mistake - as well as the Bride, the Groom, and the mini-bride.

I bet the Bride and Groom spend the next 15 years wondering who the hell the 'dude in red' was, and how the heck he got into their Wedding Pics!

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