Sunday, December 30, 2012

Give us a ring sometime......

Today we are cleaning up after the wedding - and lots to clean, I am afraid! The rain the day before meant lots of lovely red mud, and the copious amounts of beer consumed meant all caution was thrown to the winds. So - as I anticipate nothing much happening for the rest of the day - here is a final nail in the wedding photos for 2012...

This wedding was slightly different in approach in that the bridesmaids and groomsmen all paraded in couples to the reception marquee - and then the bride made her solo way in - to much cheering and clapping and ululating.

The party was a 'goodie' and once again the capacity of the African continent to celebrate a marriage was in full evidence!

After a hectic day of stress, late arrivals, marrying and dancing, the bridal couple retired to our 'Stateroom', where, presumably, the consumation of the vows took place. Whatever happened - it sure went to the bride's head - because you will never guess what she left behind in the room when she departed this morning.....

We got da bling!

Tomorrow - we have the Russians coming in. Eish. Happy New Year one and all!

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