Monday, December 10, 2012

Green bomber!

My wife's mother Onia has arrived to stay with us for 6 weeks - leaving behind the hurly-burly of Johannesburg. So - back into the Zimbabwean wilds, and last night she had an epic battle trying to shoo a green moth from her bedroom.

It apparently was dive-bombing her with much malice, and she only managed to get rid of it by turning all the inside lights off and leaving the outside light on!

Another epic struggle with the wild creatures of La Rochelle. It's sometimes hard living here in Africa!

Secondly - I have had three queries as to whether the "Giant" in our school Pantomime was really my 12-year old daughter Courtney. So - below, I am putting the pics one-on-top-of-the-other so that you can see it really was her

Courtney as Courtney....
Courtney as the smelly Giant in "Jack & the Beanstalk".
The resemblance is striking - no? Though I think what has fooled some people is the fact that in the first photo she had shaved her beard off! If you look carefully it is obvious.

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