Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dum, dum, dah-dum!

So - wedding time at La Rochelle. And.......500 Guests expected. Yay!

(I hope you recognised the Birdal March from the title?)

Not too much time today because the ceremony is going on as I write. For those who have read my book ( - the standard Zimbabwean Wedding accoutrements are all in place - the bright colours, the mini-brides and mini-grooms, and much hooting of car horns and ululating.

The Bridal party have all been practising "masteps" and the cake is in position ready to observe all!

Here then the marquee...........

and the miniature brides and grooms..........

and the inside of the tent.........

and the bride! She slept here last night and changed in Stateroom.

and here is the Bride on her way to the ceremony - which is taking place in the gardens here - down by the stream (unfortunately still dry despite the rains we have had).

There's nothing quite like a Zim Wedding - is there?

That's all for today, folks. Tomorrow (if I am still alive!!) I have some wonderful pics of a snake we found in the pool this morning. I don't normally photograph the snakes of La Rochelle because they are dime-a-dozen - but this little fellow is special - only found on the Zim-Moz border, and nowhere else in the world. Very unique.

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