Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bloody workshop!

As mentioned in a previous blog - we have had a workshop all week in-house, training with 'rapid testing kits'

The folk on the workshop are all nurses, and they are being trained in the use of kits to determine HIV status. These kits are then taken out into the rural areas - and they can test - and advise status, out in the bush. Obviously when determining whether someone is HIV positive or negative it is quite important to get the results 100% accurate, and so the training is very thorough. (Give someone the wrong result and you could have a perfectly healthy individual hanging himself by the neck from a tree!) They go through all the theory, and the procedures - and then they are have an examination - by having to determine the status of the donors of real blood.

In our lounge.

We cover the tables with black plastic - and they are given samples of blood - which they have to test and record. There is great care taken with all the materials - and everything is burned as a precaution afterwards. But I do wonder how many hotels in Europe and America have had test tubes of blood decorate their lounges?

In the picture below you can see the rubber gloves, testing liquids, and - in the purple-capped vials, the blood. This is the frontline of the war on AIDS in full swing in Zimbabwe.

Then look at the fun and games taking place in the picture on the wall - nudity and debauchery, and (dare I say it?) child-molestation. Obviously from the pre-AIDS days!

Two different worlds?

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