Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Swimming in the courtyard

Today - the heavens opened at La Rochelle!

Just after lunch, we had the rolling, rumbling thunder that normally accomapnies a rain storm here, and it poured - not for long - maybe 15 minutes, but that was enought overwhelm our drains and flood the courtyard. Not only was the rain particularly heavy, but it was accompanied by hail.

It wouldn't have been a problem as it drains fairly quickly - except the water level topped the rim around our fishpond. I can only presume that several of the fish escaped and were swimming happily around the courtyard - before it dried!

Tomorrow we'll count them - once the mud in the pond settles.

The second pic shows the mud being carried down the mountain and down the steps into the carpark - a bit blurred because I had water on the lens, but that is the spot where old Joseph was weeding the concrete in blocks last month's blog!


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